A message from NABI President GinaMarie Scarpa
We are so excited about this new NABI program. Our growth with 225 teams applying this year is a tell all sign we are cemented as one of the biggest tournaments in the country. Now its our time to pay it forward, and assist other tournaments who want to organize, and/or grow, quality tournaments for our Native youth! Its not about competition. It is about continuing to highlight, expose, encourage and create higher education opportunities for our Native American youth athletes. My team Lynette Lewis, Mya Scott and I (all women-just saying) are excited about this new NABI program, and working with other all-Native tournaments across the U.S.!
Thank you to our first (3) Official NABI Endorsed Tournaments for trusting us with assisting in your vision and growth.
Disclaimer: Official NABI Endorsed Tournaments are not organized by NABI. For all questions and inquiries contact the tournament through their contact information listed above.